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With all these benefits, the last things you want to do are things that would be decreasing your followers instead of adding them up.

Posting unrelated and irrelevant content

Posting unrelated and irrelevant content can hurt your following. While you can always talk about trending topics and make post on issues that are probably important but not in your domain, it is important that you do not consistently go off track. The people following you are doing so because of what you started out with, so if are not interested in your new road they might have to leave you. Except you are one of those people who are a brand themselves like Oprah and anything you talk about is just fine. So do you really want to become famous in quick time and that also by paying very little this is possible with the help of an amazing website called tiktok which is really good and gives real value for money? There is nothing better and you can do other then getting a paid website and that is something very important and once you do that then things will be much easier.


Inconsistency can also have people dropping out of your followership. Since they are not seeing you online, they are not seeing your post, they probably feel like, you are no longer interested in what you do, and they start thinking they are wasting their time on you. You should consistently post your clips, it mustn’t be once a day but it should be scheduled in such a way that people know when to expect from you and they also understand your pattern.

Being nobody (not building a brand)

If you are not focused on building something around you tiktok account then there is no way you can grow fast. You have to be about something. You should be able to build a brand and get your followers to expect a particular kind of direction when they watch your clips. For instance, you have popular fashion and cooking clips that are trending. This people have been known for things centred around this industry and when people see their names, they can anticipate what to expect , then they know If they should follow them or not. Keep in mind that, is one of the best websites you can think of for getting good results. Once that happens, you will surely get lots of fame from people and enjoy your time.

Copy and paste

You don’t want to be too fake, because you don’t know if your followers have seen the post before. Try to stay in your own lane and remain unique. Don’t completely emulate another persons, clips or videos; it might make your users turn. However if you emulate to add a unique style to your own, you could rather boost your following. This is something that can put off your people completely and you can be avoided. SO it is something very important that you take care of and have something that is unique not something that is copy pasted for somewhere else.

Whack videos

You don’t want to kill your followers with poor quality videos. Poor quality has a way of irritating users, nobody want to watch something that is just plain annoying. This can quickly get you to lose some followers. In this case, the content might not even be of poor quality but it can affect your account.

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Don’t try these mistakes to avoid losing free tiktok followers that you have added to your account.