The Best Pots For Plants That You Should Consider Buying in 2018

Just like any other durable goods, plant pots are not fundamentally different. When you go out to purchase goods, you will definitely compare products so that you get the maximum value of whatever you are buying. When it comes to containers for gardening, you need to get the best pots. And the following are the different points which make them the best pots for plants.

Room to Breathe in Plastic Pots

Compared to plastic pots which have been in circulation since plastic became part of consumer goods, they have been around for quite a while but smart pots seem to have overtaken them. The advantages of plastic pots are only two: they are lightweight and cheap, nothing more. When it comes to disadvantages, then you will have a long list of them including:

  • Moisture: Water flowing through soil has to go up and down. The water gets deposited on the surface, which then is drawn by gravity to the pot’s base. Even if the plastic pots have holes for draining, they somehow tend to let water accumulate at the bottom of the vessel.
  • Over-watering: And bearing in mind that over-watering kills houseplants due to the fact that it causes the roots to rot because of lack of oxygen, then smart pots come in handy to solve this problem. When the roots are drowning in over-saturated soils, they tend not to respire and therefore, end up being bio-degrade and die.
  • The attraction of Pests: When plants are over-watered, they tend to attract bacteria, insects, and fungal pests which attack the roots and will definitely make a life for you as a plant owner, miserable.
  • Root Circling: When you use plastic pots, the plants will reach the boundary of the container and then start circling the vessel as they search for the soil that is rich in oxygen and because the plastic pots are not oxygen permeable, then this becomes a problem. This will lead to the roots growing to proportions that are unhealthy and in the process, get tangled. The results will be a root bound plant which is dying or stressed due to lack of nutrition.

What is good about the Fabric Pots?

Moisture control:Fabric pots tend to be permeable and thus, allow air and water to pass through from and out of the container. When the water from the top enters, it ensures that the soil is permeated and then it transpires to the side of the pot. Any water which is excess reaches the bottom, flows through the fabric and then comes out of the vessel. When this happens, it prevents building up of any excess moisture in the container. And thus, no root rotting or over-watering.

Oxygenation: Plants’ roots require a lot of oxygen in order to grow well. In this particular pot, there is a lot of oxygen, which flows from all sides through the container. When the roots get to the boundaries of the container, it senses optimum oxygen and moisture levels.

When the roots get to the edge of these particular pots, they get to form a dense, finely branched structure without becoming root-bound or circling. Air pruning produces roots that are finely structured which are perfect for absorbing nutrients, moisture, and oxygen. Apart from giving the plant a healthier root system, it makes the overall plant to be healthier.

It then, in the process, makes the plant to have great flowers. If it is vegetables, it will yield in abundance and the plant grows denser, bigger, and stronger. This makes it not to be comparable with plastic pots.

Are Smart Ports the Original Fabric Pots?

The smart pot might be one of the best fabric pots selling all over the world and they have the following advantages:

Air Pruning: When you place plants in fabric containers, the roots are able to be sent from the plants towards the pot edge. When you use a plastic container, the roots circle immediately they reach the end of the container as they look for air. In the process, there is the formation of unhealthy root mass which chokes the plant. If not controlled, the potted plant will be killed due to root circling.

This original fabric pot eliminates the circling because the material allows the flow of air in and out of the pot. When the roots get to the edge of the fabric pot, they get exposed and dehydrated. Lateral roots get formed after the root tips are dehydrated, which then branch out to form a network that is dense which extracts nutrients and moisture efficiently. When a lot of nutrients and water are supplied to the potted plant, it grows bigger and delivers big yields.

Over-watering: Over-watering is the main thing that kills potted plants and clay and plastic pots are prone to doing just that as they allow moisture to pool at the bottom of the container. Even if they have holes, they still tend to build up moisture, which results in fungus gnats, root rots,and other pests.

If you use original fabric pots, then there will be no over-watering due to the permeable structure that is in the fabric, enabling water to flow down and into the bottom of the pot, preventing root pool as they drain evenly. The moisture is wicked by the fabric on the side of the pot. The soil is kept moist but not wet. This elimination of over-watering is what makes these particular pots to be superior as compared to plastic and clay containers.

If you are fed up with the downsides of the clay and plastic pots, it will be best if you look for smart pot containers, to boost your potted flowers as they seem to carry with them, a vast of advantages. The moisture and air flow wicking ensures that they resist heat buildup. Just the same way as sweating regulates the temperature of the body, so does the wicking of moisture, It ensures that harmful heat is carried away from your potted plant.

Innova ITM4800 Advanced Therapeutic Inversion Table

Inversion tables have become quite a rage in the recent past. There has been a huge spurt in demand from fitness enthusiasts and health experts. As more and more people get to know about the benefits of inversion therapy, we are pretty sure that this trend is only going to continue. You need to buy one after doing the right research and that is only possible if you read some good reviews. Keep in mind that these should be neutral reviews. There are many good tables in the market; it all depends on your needs and budget, which one you want to pick. Once you decide then you also have the option of buying it online or offline.

Plus, it doesn’t end here. Inversion tables have themselves been undergoing a lot of changes recently. And there are tables in the market which clearly define this trend. The Innova ITM4800 is one such table. There are a number of new features which will make inversion therapy a more pleasant experience while giving you full value for your money and you should make it a point that you read the best inversion table reviews. You should only read the reviews which are not misleading you. There are some reviews which are not telling you the correct story. If that is the case, then you are in the wrong place.

Features of Innova ITM4800

The following features make Innova ITM4800 a one of a kind inversion table in the market. Not only this, we can take the risk of saying that it is also the most advanced one available.

  1. Adjustable for Isolated Massage and Heat therapy: Yes, the ITM4800 also supports massage and heat therapy. And to be really honest, anyone who experiences this massage and heat therapy would fall for it. The vibrations and the heat combine to create a great effect on the body and really energize it. If you go in for a table which is able to adjust as per your needs, that is a good one to buy and you should not be worried about buying it.
  2. No more straps anymore: In another unique feature, the Innova ITM4800 has done away with straps for Inversion tables. On the other hand, it has a pin system which will do the job for you. It is definitely a relieving experience to not have to handle the straps anymore. If your table has this feature then it will help you make thing much better.
  3. Comfortable: It has an adjustable headrest, a height adjusting mechanism and lastly, an adjustable footrest. Then, it has a foam seat which provides a great deal of rest to your back. Finally, years of experience have made sure that the Innova ITM4800 is smooth and easy to operate. You should be comfortable making use of this.

Also, the table is very durable. It can handle loads up to 300 lbs and can be used for people as tall as 6 feet 6 inches. Needless to say, it comes with built-in warranty and you can have your good night’s sleep. Another good aspect about the Innova ITM4800 is the positive reviews it has garnered from online users.

In today’s world, there are many techniques to help people with back aches and spinal problems. These range from simple massages to invasive and intrusive surgeries, each depending on the severity of the problem and the complexity of the solution required. One technique that has become really popular nowadays is the Inversion Therapy. Inversion Therapy technique is not new, it has in fact been around for more than 2400 years and was first recorded by Hippocrates, who stretches the patient. If you take good care of your health it will always be better. Even if it means spending some money.

The Inversion therapy involves tying a patient to a table and inverting the table upside down at various angles to decompress the spine. Gravity works and pulls the upside down person down, acting like a kind of spinal traction. This relaxes the pressure on the back and spine and also helps in muscle spasms, cramps, back pains. It is also reported to improve the blood circulation in the body. This is a very good thing for the patient and provides lots of relief from pain and is very good for health. It is very important that you exactly learn how to make use of this. Once you do that you will get very good results with your pain.

For any of you who are interested in finding a good inversion therapy table, then make it a point that you read some best inversion table reviews, we have done a lot of research based on various factors such as features, quality, durability, and price. Based on our findings, here is the best inversion table that we feel will suit your needs and your budget – the Health Gear ITM4800 Advanced Technology Inversion table? This inversion table features a 4-inch memory-foam that is ergonomically designed to contour-fit your back and provide extra support and comfort if the brand is a good one. You can buy a good one and even if it means spending some more money, you should go in only for quality.


Besides our own reviews, actual customer reviews at Amazon or any other shopping site also speaks a lot about the kind of inversion table that it is. We have seen the table and it is worth it. However, good customer reviews help us be sure of the fact that the table will perform consistently well in all kinds of environments. If you read the best inversion table reviews, then you are sure that you are buying the right product. The reviews should not be biased, and that is something very important.

Hence, in case you ever think about buying an inversion table in the near future and would like to experience something new and amazing, you must definitely think about giving ITM4800 a shot.