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With all these benefits, the last things you want to do are things that would be decreasing your followers instead of adding them up.

Posting unrelated and irrelevant content

Posting unrelated and irrelevant content can hurt your following. While you can always talk about trending topics and make post on issues that are probably important but not in your domain, it is important that you do not consistently go off track. The people following you are doing so because of what you started out with, so if are not interested in your new road they might have to leave you. Except you are one of those people who are a brand themselves like Oprah and anything you talk about is just fine. So do you really want to become famous in quick time and that also by paying very little this is possible with the help of an amazing website called tiktok which is really good and gives real value for money? There is nothing better and you can do other then getting a paid website and that is something very important and once you do that then things will be much easier.


Inconsistency can also have people dropping out of your followership. Since they are not seeing you online, they are not seeing your post, they probably feel like, you are no longer interested in what you do, and they start thinking they are wasting their time on you. You should consistently post your clips, it mustn’t be once a day but it should be scheduled in such a way that people know when to expect from you and they also understand your pattern.

Being nobody (not building a brand)

If you are not focused on building something around you tiktok account then there is no way you can grow fast. You have to be about something. You should be able to build a brand and get your followers to expect a particular kind of direction when they watch your clips. For instance, you have popular fashion and cooking clips that are trending. This people have been known for things centred around this industry and when people see their names, they can anticipate what to expect , then they know If they should follow them or not. Keep in mind that grplive.com, is one of the best websites you can think of for getting good results. Once that happens, you will surely get lots of fame from people and enjoy your time.

Copy and paste

You don’t want to be too fake, because you don’t know if your followers have seen the post before. Try to stay in your own lane and remain unique. Don’t completely emulate another persons, clips or videos; it might make your users turn. However if you emulate to add a unique style to your own, you could rather boost your following. This is something that can put off your people completely and you can be avoided. SO it is something very important that you take care of and have something that is unique not something that is copy pasted for somewhere else.

Whack videos

You don’t want to kill your followers with poor quality videos. Poor quality has a way of irritating users, nobody want to watch something that is just plain annoying. This can quickly get you to lose some followers. In this case, the content might not even be of poor quality but it can affect your account.

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Don’t try these mistakes to avoid losing free tiktok followers that you have added to your account.

Finding The Best Movie Streaming Website To Watch Movies

There are many benefits technology has brought in this current society, and one of which is the ability of people to watch movies right at their mobile phones. With many movie streaming websites being introduced in the market today, you may not find it easy choosing which of these sites to trust.

Tips to find the best movie streaming website : To help you find the best movie streaming website, before are few tips you can use to spot it on!

Do not rush : First and foremost, you should not rush. Take as much time as you can and make sure you complete your homework before you even register or input your information to a movie streaming site. With the many websites emerging over the internet, you have to make sure tha you check on them one by one in the keenest manner possible.

Ask around friends : You are definitely not the first person who decides to change your movie rituals from movie houses to your phone. Asking around people you know about their experiences on a specific streaming website could help a lot. Use their experience to your advantage, and make use of websites that made them really happy and satisfied, while throw away from your list those that do not.

Check their website : Fret not as much, as checking on their website is just so easy. It takes, one, two, three clicks, and you are there. When you are on their website, make sure to scan their website well, and check for important details that can help you decide whether they are the best website to trust, or you have to find something else.

Later on this article, you can find important information you need to check on a movie streaming site.

Ask questions : Do not forget, you have mouth to ask questions. If you find anything gray about what you see, never hesitate to ask. There are some movie streaming websites that have their numbers, email address, or chat service available on their site. If you see one available, take advantage of it and make sure to ask questions that can help you decide whether or not, you are making the right choice.

Note: If there are no available contact information on their site, find people who you can ask about their experiences.

Sign Up : The only way you can verify whether you are making the right choice or not, is by signing up. Not all websites require you to pay immediately once you sign up, some may ask minimal amount, yet some charges none. By signing up, you are giving yourself the opportunity to scan through the website more, and check on what they can offer.

Some movie streaming websites do not give it all, as they want people to see everything as they register or sign up.

What to look for while scanning through the website : As discussed earlier, when you are in the site, make sure that you check on all possible reasons to like or dislike their service. Take your time, and check on it thoroughly, so you will have better idea on what to expect in the event you decided to exchange your money to their website’s membership.

To give you few factors to consider, check on the list below:

  • Ease of website navigation

One of the reasons why people choose online streaming is convenience, but, if they are having a hard time navigating the system, the supposedly convenience will not happen. Yesmovies hub is giving their members easy time navigating, from choosing a movie to watch up to watching/downloading movies.

Never choose a site that will give you a hard time navigating as that will completely defeat your purpose of choosing online streaming than watching movies on movie houses.

Choose sites that give people easy time checking movies to watch and segregating them by dates and genre, like yesmoviehub, By doing so, you can find the movie you like to watch easily.

  • Affordability

Affordability is another reason why people opt to watch movies on their phones. Hence, choosing a site that offers their service in the most affordable manner is indeed recommended. But, do not focus just on the price tag alone, as you have to consider the quality and quantity of movies available for grabs.

Do not settle for websites that are highly expensive, as that will defeat your purpose of settling yourself from streaming movies over the internet.

  • Available movies to watch

Choose the site that can offer you tons of movie options. Of course, you would never want to watch the same movies, over and over again. You would never want to settle yourself from very few options as that will not give you the entertainment and fun watching movies.

Pick on sites that feature not only past movies but recent too, like yesmovieshub. Get yourself updated with new movie releases and at the same time give yourself the opportunity to playback great movies from the past. The more movies the site can offer, the better.

  • More payment options

Which payment option appeals you the most? The option that best satisfy or comfort you the most is what you need to see on the site’s payment option.

It is not easy for someone to let go of their credit card or debit card information online. But, there are some instances that it is required. Just in case, you have no choice but to give it away, few points to consider are:

  • You are in a trusted website
  • You read the site terms and agreement and privacy policy

It is your responsibility to make your personal information safe, hence do your homework and make sure you are doing it right.

With the many sites running around the internet, you may not know which one is which. Hence, it is necessary that you do all things possible to make your online movie streaming experience the best there is!

How do you tell if a movie streaming site is not legitimate?


Who would have thought a time would come when you could watch a variety of movies in the comfort of your home without necessarily plugging in a DVD player but with just a click on your computer or plasma screen? That is what online streaming services is all about today. With a stable internet connection and a PC or smart TV screen you are set for lots of entertainment in movie browser sites such as putlocker.is and many more.

What happens when you seem not to get your favorite movies or TV shows in a movie website or app for that matter? That could mean that you have low internet coverage, it could also mean that your PC or Smart TV is not compatible for streaming to take place, or last but not least, it could mean that the video files you are looking for are not available due to ownership copyright issues.

It is advisable to stream videos or audios from legitimate sources so that you are not at risk of compromising your online streaming experience. Most sites do not have rights to show certain videos but they still go ahead and upload them in their respective servers. They put the user’s experience at risk with virus prone adverts and that is just another way to prove they are not legit. Real sites do not commercialize their sites with endless adverts and additional links, but they look forward to delivering what they should be delivering; video files and nothing short of that.

The question remains to be, how do I know that a movie browser site is not legit? What are the signs I should look out for? Discussed below are some of the things you should look out for that will let you know that a movie site is not up to standards.

1. Substandard web designs

Most illegal movie sites are unprofessionally designed because they do not spend too much on designing a website that is up to standards and that just proves that they are in a hurry to achieve revenues that they do not deserve. Legitimate sites look professional and stick to one business and it is purely that of movie and shows streaming services and do not suffer from basic errors that are too easy to spot. Illegitimate sites will have obvious mistakes and suspicious activities such as poor grammar and spelling mistakes, missing or misplaced graphics that are usually out of context, inconsistent fonts and endless adverts popups. Such incidents may just prove that site to be a bit illegal and that you are better off in another real site.

2. Endless ads popups

Ever visited a site and left sooner had you arrived? I bet one of the reasons that made you exit the site was an explosion of advertisements. We all want peaceful and uninterrupted sessions on sites that we look forward to some entertainment and endless ads popups is just not so professional. Such incidents should signal to you that if the site was legit, there would be no need of so many adverts because legit sites make enough money from streaming alone. Most illegal sites make money through the ads and that is why they will fill the whole web page’s available space with ads. What happens is that each and every time a user clicks on the ads banners, the site operator gets a bit of revenue and that explains why they get to be so many.

3. Questionable domain names

Illegal sites want you to believe that they are the real deal when they are not even near definition of what is real. It is like the fake and substandard clothing lines that imitate designer clothes or the fake gold like coatings on jewelry or watches that want you to believe it is the original brand when in real sense their manufacturers have never even set their eyes on any gold designs. Many illegal sites do not have the usual .com name that indicates a website’s credibility. You should therefore look out for domain names which usually appear on the address line on the top part of your browser and anything short of what it should be like is an indicator of an illegal site.

4. They have the freshest films that are not yet out of the movie theatres

One of the many ways to tell if a movie site is the real deal or not, is by the kind of the films they are offering, for instance if you come across a site that is offering blockbusters that are still showing at the theatres, it is a clear indicator that they are not afraid of the law. That is because no studios allow movie sites to stream movies that are not yet out of theatres. This is why sites will look to have traffic on their sites by enticing viewers with the latest releases. So next time you hop into a site and they claim to have the latest film, do I need to tell you to think twice?

5. Your browser is not at ease

Insecure sites mostly tend to contain damaging malware that could be a threat to your computer. When your browser comes across such materials, they stop the loading process and flash a warning and that is enough evidence for you to leave the page right away because it is an indication that the streaming site has viruses and further browsing of the site can have your computer software infected. As a counter measure, it is important to have an antivirus installed in your pc in the first place for safety purposes.

6. Flashing download banners

Illegal movie sites will start flashing download links signals for certain software that they believe will enable you to download movies effortlessly and whenever this happens, do not be too quick to click on those links because they can cost you your personal and financial details as well.